Hatsugama 2018

On Sunday, 4 February 2018, we had Hatsugama at Leura Hatsugama(初釜) – first tea ceremony of the year.

This meeting is seen as something very special. Hatsugama is the only time when the tea teacher him or herself prepares tea for all her students. In most cases this tea ceremony is a complete Chaji meeting with Kaiseki meal, Nakadachi breaks, and the whole ritual done the way it was learned during classes. It is impossible to teach the whole Chaji at once, therefor it is always broken up into practicing how to prepare Usucha, Koicha, and arranging the charcoal in Sumidemae.

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Hatsugama 2017

On Sunday, 5 February 2017, we had Hatsugama at Leura.
Hatsugama(初釜) – first tea ceremony of the year.





More photos you can see in Gallery – Hatsugama 2017

Stand: Shindaisu (真台子)
Brazier: Chosen-buro (朝鮮風炉)
Kettle: Shinnarigama (真形釜)
Kaigu set: Tobi Seiji (飛青瓷)
Water Ladle: Sashitoshi Hishaku ( 柄杓)
Thick tea container: Chaire – Furuseto, Fuki Chomei
Tea scoop: Chashaku (茶杓) – Honsui, Kyodo made
Tea bowl set: Red Raku (赤楽). Lined with gold and silver.
Thin tea container: Natsume – Horai (宝来)
Bamboo Whisk: Chasen (茶筌) – unusual type (handle only smoked)