Tea Room in Bondi

・利休坐像画賛 ( sitting portrait of Rikyu and an excerpt from his mentor, Rev. Kokei) 
    written by Rev. Bunjou of Tofukuji-temple
・三ツ具足 ( trio of ceremonial utensils, vase, incense burner and candle stand )
・許状 ( certificates )
粽 掛花入 chimaki ( dumpling wrapped in banboo leaves ) -shaped hanging vase
露草 tsuyukusa (day flower ) and ユキノシタ yukinoshita ( strawberry geranium)
主菓子 omo-gashi ( main sweet ) in 菓子椀 kashi-wan ( individual sweet bowl )
  Otoshibumi literally means a dropped letter. There is an insect named Otoshibumi which lays eggs in a rolled leaf which looks like intentionally dropped love letter. It is like a western lady drops her handkerchief in front of a man whom she is in love.

Tea at SMASH

The Chado Urasenke Tankokai Sydney Association conducted demonstration tea ceremonies as part of Sydney Manga and Anime Show is on at the International Convention Centre. The demonstrations was in the Fuji room. Ipodo (event sponsor) has donated 5 x 0.7oz tins (about 20g each) of matcha.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Official photos taken by SMASH (#smashcon)







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