Tea Room in Bondi

・利休坐像画賛 ( sitting portrait of Rikyu and an excerpt from his mentor, Rev. Kokei) 
    written by Rev. Bunjou of Tofukuji-temple
・三ツ具足 ( trio of ceremonial utensils, vase, incense burner and candle stand )
・許状 ( certificates )
粽 掛花入 chimaki ( dumpling wrapped in banboo leaves ) -shaped hanging vase
露草 tsuyukusa (day flower ) and ユキノシタ yukinoshita ( strawberry geranium)
主菓子 omo-gashi ( main sweet ) in 菓子椀 kashi-wan ( individual sweet bowl )
  Otoshibumi literally means a dropped letter. There is an insect named Otoshibumi which lays eggs in a rolled leaf which looks like intentionally dropped love letter. It is like a western lady drops her handkerchief in front of a man whom she is in love.