Canberra Group tea demonstration at the Japanese Embassy (Friday 05 November )

The tea demonstration was part of a large reception with the theme “Sharing your experience of Japan”, in Japanese 日本の魅力発信. There were two sittings for the demonstration using misono tana provided by the Embassy. Many other implements were provided by the Embassy. 
The calligraphy on the kakejiku read “seiza ichimi no tomo” (清坐一味友)meaning when gathered in a sacred space (a tea room), friends become one by drinking tea made with the hot water from the same kettle. The sweets served on the day were otoshibumi (落とし文).
The main guests at the first sitting were Ambassador Yamagami and his wife. The main guests at the second sitting were the Canadian High Commissioner Glauser and his wife. 
Many members assisted with serving sweets and tea preparation under the direction of Kyoko sensei.