Chado is a comprehensive form of Japanese culture. You learn not only the procedure of tea preparation but also about ceramics, lacquerware, metalware, flowers, cooking, calligraphy, poetry, etc. It is a lifetime achievement to master chado or a life is not long enough for it.

Qualified teachers offer tuition in various places. Students can get certificates from Kyoto according to the level of proficiency that they reach. During a lesson, you learn what to do as a host and as a guest as well. A host prepares tea and serves it and a guest has sweets and tea.

Five members are offering tuition:

City and Leura                         Mrs Ryoko Freeman

Bondi Junction                        Mrs Itoko Inoue

Surry Hills                                 Ms Wendy Lin

Newcastle                                 Mr Robert Davies

Canberra                                   Mrs Kyoko McKay

For more information, please contact info@urasenkesydney.org.au