Daisosho’ s Lecture & Teicha Day

We had Seminar by Daisosho and Oteicha (Tea ceremony) on Monday 6 May at Maritime Museum.

Lecture Daisosho SEN Genshitsu

Daisosho gave a lecture “Peace and the Spirit of Tea” in the Theatre of the Australian National Maritime Museum packed to its 250 capacity. Everyone was impressed by Daisosho’s talk. He explained when Kurakazu gyotei-sensei showed temae with three Australian guests.

After the lecture we had tea ceremony (teicha) in a Terrace room. Daisosho looked at the Sydney setting, crab soup tureen on a surfboard, made his eyes widely open with happy smile. He also visited mizuya and looked at the sweets, a pair of koalas (nerikiri, Japanese moist cake) in a golden boat made by members. He was so pleased and clapped his hands.

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