Japanese Tea Ceremony at Everglades

Association members held a very successful Chado demonstration on Saturday, August 31, for the Friends of Everglades House and Gardens, a renowned National Trust estate in Leura, with 5.2 hectares of gardens.

The gardens were constructed in the 1930s by Danish-born landscape gardener Paul Sorensen.

The demonstration, by the Leura tea group, was attended by 40 people. A specially designed Nagomi-dana style tea-table, made in Canberra by Yamaguchi-san, was used.

Everglades 3

Everglades 4

On display was a fan Kacho Fugetsa O’Tanoshima, written by Zabosai Oiemoto, and a Chabana arrangement of early spring flowers.

Some members of the audience said they could feel the meditative atmosphere during the demonstration.