Hatsugama 2020 – Sydney Ryoko Group

On Sunday, 2 February 2020, we had Hatsugama at Leura.
Hatsugama(初釜) – first tea ceremony of the year.

Sydney Ryoko Group

It was a hot day, the temperature was 36 degrees. Even though 25 people joined koicha. Sachiko did temae and Megumi, Yuko and Irina helped mizuya. After koicha, we enjoyed lovely kaiseki tenshin, cooked by Mr. Shibata with Yoshi and Tamaki. Students separated into three groups. One group studied kazucha, the other did temae with Nagomi-dana and 4 and a half tatami mats’ group did hakobi-usucha. Ms. Toshimori showed Hayami-ryu temae.

IMG_3658 2

Japanese Tea Ceremony at Everglades

Association members held a very successful Chado demonstration on Saturday, August 31, for the Friends of Everglades House and Gardens, a renowned National Trust estate in Leura, with 5.2 hectares of gardens.

The gardens were constructed in the 1930s by Danish-born landscape gardener Paul Sorensen.

The demonstration, by the Leura tea group, was attended by 40 people. A specially designed Nagomi-dana style tea-table, made in Canberra by Yamaguchi-san, was used.

Everglades 3

Everglades 4

On display was a fan Kacho Fugetsa O’Tanoshima, written by Zabosai Oiemoto, and a Chabana arrangement of early spring flowers.

Some members of the audience said they could feel the meditative atmosphere during the demonstration.