Kuchikiri-nо-Chaji (口切の茶事) – STUDY DAY

14 July, 2013 (Sunday)

On Sunday we had a study day at the residence of Itoko Inoue. Sixteen members participated. Itoko and three members showed us “kuchi-kiri” (opening tea-jar).

Several years ago, Daisosho sent us a Chatsubo, which contained hacha (tea leaves). This was a great opportunity to see the inside of the chatsubo (tea jar).

kuchi-kiri-no-chaji, STUDY DAY, Sydney, Australia

Itoko explained what Kuchi-kiri means. Yuiko Maeno undertook the teishu role and handled the chatsubo (tea jar) to cut its lid. She took out the tea bag, which guests asked for. Yukiko Cooksley and Shizue Watkins undertook the guest role. During the performance, Itoko gave explanations in detail. After completing part of kuchi-kiri no chaji, Itoko showed us how to grind tea. Unfortunately, we could not taste the tea leaves from the jar, but at least we tried to grind the sencha.

After the performance, we enjoyed matcha and sweets together.

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