Members Chakai at Ryokan Gojyuan

Tankokai Sydney Association had its very first Members’ Chakai on Saturday, May 3, 2014 at Ryokan Gojyuan.

Gojyuan is located on the vibrant main street of Balmain, an inner west suburb of Sydney. Once you step through the front door, you feel as if you are in Japan. Beyond the nice sized lobby area, there is a walkway overlooking a Japanese garden with a carp pond leads to two eight-mat guest rooms and a bathhouse.

tea_chakai_10 tea_chakai_11 tea_chakai_32

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Machiai was set in the lobby and Kaiki (one was written in Japanese on Makigami and the other was in English) were displayed with box lids Kakitsuke were written and Tomozutsu of Chashaku.

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Chado demonstration for Autumn Vibes

Chado demonstration for Autumn Vibes at Royal Botanic Garden

Date: Sunday, 9 March, 2014
Venue: Herb Garden Pavilion (see attached map)
Time: 11:30 – 3:30 pm on going

We had a great day on Sunday. Sydney Association Members performed chado demonstration for Autumn Vibes in the Royal Botanic Gardens. This is a third year for this event. It was a very hot day consistent with this year’s Autumn Vibes” theme “Africa”.

The venue was a pavilion in the Herb Garden. We set up Misono-dana and many chairs for the audiences. We use Morocco’s mizusashi and sweet container. Natsume is autumn leaves makie. Not many people came to the tea in the morning, but after lunch we had a big crowd. Several VIPs came for tea. Mr. Mitsuo Shojii, the famous Japanese potter, was among them. He enjoyed tea very much with Sogetsu flower School people. Mr. Nao Endo, the director of the Japan Foundation, came as well along with his wife. We performed seven times in total.

rbg_tea_ceremony_101 rbg_tea_ceremony_104 rbg_tea_ceremony_45

More photos you can see in Gallery – Chado demonstration for Autumn Vibes