Canberra Group – Hatsugama 2020

Hatsugama report – Canberra Group

Our hatusgama was held on Sunday, 9 February 2020.

12 attendees squeezed into the yo jyo-han tatami tea room. The day began with a serving of home made Hanabira mochi, followed by “nagaita so kazari” koicha temae performed by Kyoko McKay. 9 attendees were served koicha with newly acquired akaraku shima dai chawan. The other three attendees enjoyed koicha in black raku chawan whisked by Mr Shibata.

After Koicha, the attendees enjoyed a ten shin lunch prepared by Mr Shibata and Kyoko McKay.

The attendees separated into two groups after lunch, one group practiced yo jyo han kagetsu and the another group practiced Misono tana with Mr Shibata.
The hatsugama went smoothly and everyone seemed very satisfied.




Chakai for 10 th Anniversary of AikiLife Aikido Dojo

Chakai for 10 th Anniversary of AikiLife Aikido Dojo

Kyoko McKay

On 1 September, the first day of Spring, the Sydney Association Canberra Group
was invited by aikido sensei Ann Reekie to celebrate the 10 th anniversary of the
founding of her dojo by holding a day of chado demonstrations for aikido students
and their families at the dojo.

AikiLife Canberra Sept, 2019

The Canberra Group made use of the dojo’s beautiful tatami room to conduct
So Kazari temae. We displayed a kakejiku that read ‘Nichi, nichi, kore koujitsu’
(Every day is a good day) and Kyoko Sensei made kangori (寒氷) and gyuhi (求肥).
Members set up a mizuya in the training area and the sound of martial arts was
temporarily replaced by boiling water and tea-talk.

We held four sessions and served a total of 66 guests. Host and assistant duties
were performed by Takako Mizogami, Megumi Eddison and Dirk Staunton; MC was
conducted by Dirk and Chika Staunton; kitchen assistants included Letha Chang,
Rumi Brown and Nobu Ohashi; while Kyoko Sensei kept everything running

The guests were impressed with the demonstration and enjoyed matcha with
Japanese sweets. Although most were familiar with Japanese culture from their
aikido studies, none had previously seen chado. The guests enjoyed the atmosphere
of tea and asked many questions afterwards. We received excellent feedback from
Ann Sensei following the chakai, who was very happy that her tatami room had been
used for a traditional Japanese practice.

Thank you to the helpers for giving up their Fathers Day and putting so much
enthusiasm into this event. It was a fantastic way to usher in Canberra’s finest

Kan-oh chakai in Canberra

Venue: The Japanese Embassy in Canberra
Date: 14 September, 2015 (Monday)

In the best ohanami weather we had kan-oh chakai at the Japanese Embassy in Canberra. Mr. Kusaka, the Ambassador invited many foreign groups and house members.

The weather was the best hanami-biyori: a temperature of 20 degrees, no wind, sunny. Cherry blossoms welcomed to the guests in front of the garden. We set up Misono-dana on a red carpeted stage. The big red umbrella with tanzaku, “Nichi nichi kore kojitsu, every day is a good day” and with cherry blossom flowers was beside the stage.

More photos you can see in Gallery – Hanami at Canberra

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Hanami at Canberra

30rh September (Tuesday)

We had perform chado demonstration (Misono-dana temae) at Japanese Embassy.

Hanami (花見, literally “flower viewing”) is the traditional Japanese custom of enjoying the beauty of flowers, especially cherry blossoms (桜, sakura). The practice of Hanami is more than a thousand years old, and is still very popular in Japan today.

canberra_00 canberra_DSC7784 canberra_DSC7736

canberra_DSC7798 canberra_DSC8090 canberra_DSC8149

More photos you can see in Gallery – Hanami at Canberra