Sydney Japanese International School

SJIS had a Family Fun Day on Saturday, 21 Oct 2023

Children who have been studying tea ceremony
demonstrated their skills in front of parents. In
addition to the four Association members who have
been volunteers at the tea ceremony club (Tomomi
Nakaya, Mihoko Ura, Yoko Sullivan), several other
Association members (Ryoko Freeman, Taeko Pegios,
Yen-Yu Lin, Yumiko Gertler, Yukiko Uchida) attended
the Family Fun Day. Some of the mothers of the
students also assisted on the day. Lunch boxes, snacks
and water were provided by the chado club.
We had beautiful weather, and all the students did
wonderful and confident performances in front of
their parents and other members of the audience.
Most sessions were at capacity.

Everything ran smoothly on the day, thanks to the
wonderful work of all the helpers who attended, and
everyone worked very hard to ensure it was a success.
The money made on the day from the sale of tickets
will be used by the Chado club to buy utensils for the
club, once the tea cost and lunch box cost have been