Gyotei-sensei Seminar in Sydney

Kato Soyu Gyotei-sensei’s Seminar

Oiemoto sent Kato Soyu Gyotei-sensei for the Seminar on 6th and 7th of July. His seminar was very successful. 48 members attended (including 3 from New Zealand), the highest number we have achieved.


On 6th we held the Seminar at the Japan Foundation. We set up 8 tatami mats with alcove, with a ro (box) on the tatami mats. Kato sensei taught Warigeiko, Koicha hirademae, Kinindate (Koicha), Useucha hirademae in the morning. In the afternoon, we had Shaza, Irekodate and Chairekazari. He showed how to fold fukusa, how to walk on tatami mats. Several members walked on the tatami mats and Kato-sensei corrected their walking. His teaching of each temae was very detailed and he corrected every movement. His explanation was very clear and gave some related stories. Members were very impressed with his teaching. Most members who did temae and kyaku in front of Kato sensei and the large audience were so nervous and shaking at the beginning. 46 members attended.




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On 7th we had the Seminar at Mrs. Itoko Inoue’s residence. There were 8 tatami mats room on a stage and charcoal burning in a ro. In the morning we had Daien no Shin and Daien no So, karamon, Daitenmoku and Wakin in the afternoon. Kato sensei taught the background and history of these temae. He corrected every movement and demonstrated the movement. Quite a few members had never seen higher temae. Attendees were watching attentively. After each temae, we had lots of questions and Kato sensei answered very clearly. All attendees were well satisfied with the Seminar. 36 members attended.


Kato Gyotei sensei is very energetic and explained clearly and in detail. All members were very happy and asked Kato Gyotei senei to come back again. Thank you to Zabosai Oiemot and Hounsai Daisosho for sending us Kato Gyotei sensei. As well as thank you for International Division of Urasenke Head Quarter to send Matcha and sweets.

I have to say thank you to the Japan Foundation and Mrs. Itoko Inoue for hosting the seminars. Without their generosity this events would not happen.

Ryoko Freeman