Chado demonstration for Rotary International Club, Chatswood

Rotary International Club, Chatswood
Japan Culture Night at Sapporo Restaurant

On 28 April, we performed chado demonstration for Rotary International Club, Chatswood. An audience of 50 packed a restaurant.

Before starting temae, Julian McVittie gave a brief history of Chado, the Urasenke School and utensils. Masako Toriyama performed Misono-dana temae beautifully. Hanto, Itoko Inoue served tea to Mr. Douglas Shen, the Director of General of Taiwan and Mr. Katsutoshi Miyakawa, the deputy Consul-General of Japan. Ryoko Freeman showed two guests how to drink tea. Two guests had matcha in the right manner.

After having beautiful Japanese food, Anthony showed Kobudo with his student. Because the space was not big enough, Anthony had difficulty to perform his Bujyutsu well. But Anthony made a strong impression.

The performances were quite successful due to our outstanding contribution. All of the attendees were very impressed by the traditional demonstration of tea ceremony, and Kobudo, which most people had never had the opportunity to see.

Yoshiaki Matsunaga, Ryoko Freeman