Chado demonstration for Tea Festival

16 August, 2015 (Sunday)

We performed chado for the Sydney Tea Festival. The Sydney Tea Festival aims to help people experience specialty teas, grow a passion for tea, and showcase quality specialty tea providers. This is the 5th year of the festival, but the first time showing the Japanese tea ceremony. Mista Matcha provided matcha for demonstration.

   01 - Chado demonstration for Tea Festival  02 - Chado demonstration for Tea Festival  03 - Chado demonstration for Tea Festival    

In a market building were various types of tea and food stalls. Already many people were tasting tea. Our venue was in a smaller hall where we set up mosono-dana.

More than forty guests came, which we hadn’t expected. When Anthony was explaining, Masako performed temaeo’ with Ryoko’s hanto. Yuki, Misako and Tamaki were very busy whisking matcha. Guests watched her performance closely.

Most guests had their first experience of tasting tea. They enjoyed tea with gyuhi (Japanese sweets) very much. Some guests had two cups of tea.
Thank you Tim for helping delivery and transport.

Ryoko Freeman