Minokamo students in Dubbo

9 & 10 August, 2015

Dubbo and Minokamo city (Gifu prefecture) have been sister cities for over twenty years. Every year students from Minokamo visit in August. This year, ten students and two teachers came.

Last Saturday, I travelled to Dubbo and prepared with Dubbo members on Sunday. I opened ro and prepared utensils. After that, I taught fukusa sabaki and how to make tea to two members.

On Monday, twelve Minokamo vistors along with Kylie and an interpreter came to the chashitsu. I explained the inside of the chashitsu and also the tea garden that Minokamo donated about ten years ago. It was the first time the Minokamo visitors had seen a chashitsu with a proper tea garden. I showed usucha hirademae with explanation. Next, I showed how to whisk chasen and make good tea. All the attendees whisked matcha and served it very well. They enjoyed whisking and having tea with sweets. At the end of the event, I said, learn something with do, (Cha-do, Ju-do, Ken-do etc.) to calm down your stress. We have to be enthusiastic about keeping our wonderful Japanese culture and passing it on to the next generation.

All Minokamo students and teachers enjoyed the visit.

Ryoko Freeman