Minokamo students in Dubbo

9 & 10 August, 2015

Dubbo and Minokamo city (Gifu prefecture) have been sister cities for over twenty years. Every year students from Minokamo visit in August. This year, ten students and two teachers came.

Last Saturday, I travelled to Dubbo and prepared with Dubbo members on Sunday. I opened ro and prepared utensils. After that, I taught fukusa sabaki and how to make tea to two members.

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Gyotei-sensei Seminar

Special Seminar by Sokan Toda gyotei-sensei
4 & 5 August, 2015
At The Japan Foundation Sydney

Toda Gyotei-sensei from Kyoto gave a special seminar at the Japan Foundation. Kyoto headquarters sent matcha and beautiful Japanese sweets, “kooriume” and “Funoyaki” for the seminar. And also Toda Gotei-senei brought a tin of matcha and sweets as souvenirs.

gyotei-sensei_seminar_37 gyotei-sensei_seminar_39 gyotei-sensei_seminar_26

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Members’ Chakai in Newcastle

Members’ Chakai in Newcastle Sunday, 14 June 2015.

2015 Members Chakai at Newcastle Report

By Hideaki Kobayashi

Date: 14th of June (Sunday)
Time: 11 am – 2:30pm
Place: Robert Davies Residence, Broadmeadow, Newcastle
Attendance: 15 members (included President Matsunaga and Ryoko sensei)
Host: Newcastle Gecchakai 6 members (included Shizue sensei)

This is the first Chakai which we, Newcastle Gecchakai organized and hosted.
Luckily Ryoko sensei gave us quite long period for preparation.
However it was not so easy task for us.
Once we had decided to have this Chakai at Robert’s place, we made good progress of the preparation.

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Chado demonstration for Rotary International Club, Chatswood

Rotary International Club, Chatswood
Japan Culture Night at Sapporo Restaurant

On 28 April, we performed chado demonstration for Rotary International Club, Chatswood. An audience of 50 packed a restaurant.

Before starting temae, Julian McVittie gave a brief history of Chado, the Urasenke School and utensils. Masako Toriyama performed Misono-dana temae beautifully. Hanto, Itoko Inoue served tea to Mr. Douglas Shen, the Director of General of Taiwan and Mr. Katsutoshi Miyakawa, the deputy Consul-General of Japan. Ryoko Freeman showed two guests how to drink tea. Two guests had matcha in the right manner.

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